Published on 18 Feb 2023

These are the Best Natural Cleansers of 2018

The natural skincare market is burgeoning with new brands and their growing product lines. Finding the best in natural cleansers is becoming more and more competitive. As the end of the year creeps closer, I continue with my best of 2018 series, today focus on the Best Natural Cleansers of 2018. For ease of reference, and depending on your preferences, I’ve separated my picks into cream cleanser, oil cleanser, exfoliant and all-around multitasker. Enjoy, beauties! 

The Best Natural Cleansers of 2018: Cream Cleanser 

Annmarie Skincare’s Phytonutrient Cleanser is a showstopper when it comes to natural cream cleansers. I love cream cleansers because they do not strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier, and also because they are oh-so-gentle. My main concern in the past has been that they are not very effective at taking off eye makeup. Enter Annmarie’s Phytonutrient Cleanser. Holy batwoman! This product is perfection in terms of ingredients – and suitable for all skin types: dry, sensitive, mature and all the rest. This aloe juice-based cleanser includes moisture-binding Mango seed butter, coconut oil, apple extract to brighten and acai oil are beautifully blended to create the most gentle and effective cream cleanser I’ve tried to date. Find it here


The Best Natural Cleansers of 2018: Oil Cleanser

The ESSENTIAL cleansing oil is this year’s favourite oil cleanser. Some of you may not be familiar with cleansing with oil: in short what I love about oil cleansers is how seriously gentle they are – taking away pollutants from the skin and makeup with ease, but never by drying out the skin. Massaging oil cleansers into the skin also helps to activate the lymph and help drain the face from tensions and toxins it is holding onto. This oil cleanser melts away even waterproof makeup, dirt, oil and pollutants from the day without leaving your skin tight and dry. Its key ingredients are Moringa Oil, which is rich in antioxidants while it gently lifts dirt, makeup and impurities leaving the skin fresh and glowing, rose oil acts as a delicate fragrant oil that is known in Ayurveda to help calm and moisturize the skin and coconut oil is deeply hydrating, helping to leave the skin soft and smooth.  

This has been a favourite far beyond the 2018 times, May Lindstrom’s Clean Dirt has been a staple in my green beauty cabinet for a few years now. Needless to say, these ingredients still work wonderfully, and I love this product more than all when it comes to exfoliation. May’s Clean Dirt is a combination of healing clays and mud as well as healing exotic spices.  It smells like a divine cinnamon spice, making it a warming and tingling cleansing experience.  The combination creates a beautiful cleanser that leaves your skin feeling fresh and revived. The texture of the Clean Dirt is also what helps encourage microcirculation in the top of your skin – it acts like microdermabrasion. This is a great detoxing cleanser for all skin types, but sensitive skinned gals are warned the warming action may irritate some with hypersensitive skin.

This last one on the list is a luxury – a duo face mask and cleanser, this sweet mouse by Max & Me is skin heaven. It is probably one of the most nourishing cleansers I’ve ever come across, so much so that I almost feel guilty when I rinse it off – I, therefore, use it mainly as a mask, or when my skin is in need of some extra love (think hormonal imbalances or international travel). Max & Me makes beautiful products – and high vibe skincare, which you can read about here in this post. It is in this product that the power of plants can be seen and felt: raw manuka honey, shea butter, gardenia, helichrysum, Damascus rose, the list goes on. This product is perfect for even the toughest of skin concerns (rosacea, acne and anti-aging too). To use, gently mix it with half a teaspoon of water until you have a smooth, creamy texture (it should look lighter than what is in the jar). Massage over skin if you want to use it as a wash, and if you want to use it as a mask, simply leave it on the skin for 30 minutes or more, then remove with a warm, moist cloth. Find it here

Happy cleansing, beauties!



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