Published on 27 Feb 2023

Confused on what natural skincare is best for you? Check out this Green Beauty Shop

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Since starting LPN, I don’t think I can count how many emails I have received asking me the question: what is the best product for X, Y and Z skincare issue.  As hard as I try, I cannot keep up with the emails – or, I might be able to, but that would result in not having time for a whole lot else. So, when I heard about Marko & Lane, needless to say, I had to share it with you.

Ok, so what’s the deal with Marko & Lane: they do the product selection for you. They are green beauty fans, and since they’re also doctors, they also love the science. A perfect combo. Literally Dermatologist selected skin care regimen — with all natural products tailored to your skin.

When you go to their site, you have the opportunity to fill out their questionnaire – and even include a photo of your face, so the dermatologist can select the best products for your skin.

organic facial oils by marie veronique

I went through the process that any of their other clients would, including selecting that I had hyper-pigmentation in areas (I am a freckle face as you can see above 😉 as well as fine lines that I want to minimize. After the consultation, they selected for me the system I needed for day and night, and sent it to me by mail.  It was easy.

Here’s what was in the anti-aging focused package:

organic facial oils by marie veronique

For morning, the Marie Veronique Lightening Serum and the Josh Rosebrook Day Cream (with SPF 30).

Both very high quality and ingredient approved products.

It was great having the moisturizer built in with SPF, as well as super hydrating ingredients such as evening primose oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter, borage seed oil and jojoba oil (to name a few).

The lightening serum was great for my freckly skin, to help lighten those spots that have grown a little too noticeable over the summer.

Best natural sunscreen for face

For night, there was moisture rich Josh Rosebrook Moisturizing Cleanser (no stripping of natural oils here), followed by Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Night Serum (every second night) and Marie Veronique Rejuvenating Oil to apply to the entire face and neck.

The Rejuvenating Night Oil is packed with power oils that are working to improve damage from the sun’s rays, while also smoothing the fine lines. Apricot, meadowfoam, blackberry, argan, jojoba, borage, evening primrose and marula are just some of the oils in this little bottle.

organic facial oils by marie veronique

The Gentle Retinol Night Serum, on the other hand, is only to be used every other night for the first 3 weeks. Retinols are the ingredients with the best ability to repair aging lines. Recent studies show how A, C and E work together to support superior collagen-building and antioxidant effects – and that’s what this product is all about.

A note about Retinol **Retinol is the safe Vitamin A derivative, not to be confused with retinyl palmitate, which one study shows may enhance tumor growth in the presence of UV, or isotretinoin, which dermatologists prescribe for severe acne.**

In short:

Loving this service for those beauties looking for a little one-on-one help selecting her skincare online. It is risk free, as you have 30 days to decide if the product worked for you.

Enjoy, loves!



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