Published on 24 Feb 2023

Best Budget Natural Skincare Buys Under $15

There are so many super fantastic natural skincare products on the market these days. Since I started blogging on green beauty 6 years ago (!!) I have seen – dare I say even tried – pretty much everything that has come to market. Budget Natural Skincare.

But here’s the reality, not everyone is a green beauty blogger and gets an unlimited supply of skincare. So today’s post is about natural skincare on a budget – a $15 USD max budget. I’ve been a student before and know the struggle is real. The struggle to find clean, gentle ingredients that are effective and affordable.

Also, there are a lot of green-beauties-to-be searching for a natural switch in their skincare regime but wanting to do the initial swap over, on a budget – it can be overwhelming trying to replace everything at once (my advice is go a product at a time).

For this reason I’ve collaborated with iHerb to put together my curated list of best budget natural skincare buys for your face – each item under $15 USD (and sometimes, a lot less).

Here are my favourite budget natural skincare buys.

Containing only one ingredient: Moroccan Red Clay (aka Illite, a natural mineral silicate) which can be used as a super gentle facial cleanser. Just pour a little in the palm of your hand, mix with water and cleanse away!

Super wonderful makeup remover, is coconut oil. It gently removes even the toughest mascaras, and can be washed off gently with a wash cloth and cotton pads. Use warm water to help remove the makeup and oil residue, then cleanse.

One of my “cult faves” for years (as seen here and here) is this beautiful and affordable hydrosol made with rose petals. I still use this one on the daily if I’m not testing other products. It’s tried, true and while the marketing and packaging are simple, the product is magic.

The dangers or petroleum jelly and vaseline are no secret – but I get that you miss how smooth and seemingly moisturizing it feels. Grab this affordable plant based alternative instead and actually nourish your dry patches instead of concealing them.  The perfect blend of extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, argan oil and shea butter.

This soothing skin cream can be used on the dryer types for hydration and be used anywhere on the body to help sooth dry and cracked skin (especially important as we move into the winter months). Calendula is hugely healing for everything from acne to insect bites, Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin problems. This is a cream, so not for treatment on open wounds.

Facial oils are all the rage (as they should be). I’ve loved them for a long time, but recognize there aren’t a tonne of quality, affordable options on the market. Aura Cacia is doing a great job of blending wonderful organic healing oils with a more affordable base in order to deliver the benefits to your skin with a fraction of the cost – budget natural skincare. Check out Rose hip for dry or maturing skin, or dealing with hyper-pigmentation.

As per the above, Aura Cacia also created the soothing oil which is better for oily or acne prone skin. Don’t like your acne scare you off from oils. While it can see counterintuitive, the right oils can actually be super healing for the skin. This is wonderful budget natural skincare product.

For those tricky scar spots and anything else you’ve hurt along the way, this salve is a nice healing accelerator. Put it on your spots and help it heal them up with less scaring.

Trying to whiten your teeth naturally can be tricky – although I have a few great ways posted here. You can also consider a quick swish in the mornings with this brushing rinse, which has a whitening effect due to the food-grade 1% hydrogen peroxide.

Last, keeping your lip balm closer is easier when the pack is of 8 and costs less than a $1 each. The ingredients are super simple: using a basis of beeswax, olive oil and often sunflower seed oil and/or cocoa butter.

Alright, that’s my round up beauties.

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Happy Budget hunting, beauties!



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