Published on 21 Oct 2023

Turkey and Hummus Mummies

Step into the shadowy realms of spooky delights, where Halloween’s eerie charm meets healthful indulgence. Welcome to a world where the culinary arts collide with festive creativity, resulting in an appetizer that is not only a feast for the eyes but also good for the body. Presenting the innovative and nutritious recipe for Turkey and Hummus Mummies!

This Halloween treat is a clever spin on conventional snack options, replacing sugar-laden candies with wholesome ingredients. The recipe calls for just four simple ingredients: celery, low-sodium deli sliced turkey, hummus and dried cranberries.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected, ensuring the final product is packed with lean proteins from the turkey, fiber from the celery, and the creamy texture and added nutrients from the hummus.

The creation process is as fun as it is easy. Start by filling each celery piece with a teaspoon of hummus. Next, cut the turkey lengthwise into thin strips. Two of these strips are then wrapped around each hummus-filled celery stick, creating the look of a bandaged mummy. For the finishing touch, tiny pieces of dried cranberries are inserted between the turkey ‘bandages,’ serving as the mummies’ eyes.

In essence, this recipe for Turkey and Hummus Mummies is an ingenious blend of healthy ingredients and playful presentation. It brings the thrill of Halloween to the dining table, offering a creative and healthy alternative to traditional Halloween treats. It’s a dish that proves that festive food doesn’t have to be a fright for your health.

Multiply the recipe as needed and bring them to your fall festivities! They’ll be the (healthy) hit of the party. Prepare to be delighted by this ghoulishly good snack that’s perfect for Halloween celebrations!

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