Published on 12 Apr 2023

Roasted Beet Hummus Recipe

Not only does it give the hummus a gorgeous bright pink color, but it also adds an earthy sweetness that complements the classic chickpea and tahini flavors perfectly. Plus, the addition of beets means this hummus is packed with even more nutrients and fiber than traditional hummus.

Get ready to make a rockin’ batch of beet hummus that’s sure to impress your taste buds! Heat up your oven to 400°F and start roasting those beautiful beets until they’re soft. After about 35 minutes, let them cool down and peel away their outer layer.

Toss the cooked and peel beets in a blender or food processor with some salt-free chickpeas, zesty lemon juice, silky olive oil, tangy tahini, garlic and a bit of water. Give it a whirl and keep blending until everything’s totally smooth and creamy. Add a bit more water if you like a thinner consistency.

Now, grab a bowl and get creative with your veggie dippers. You’re going to love this colorful, healthy snack. So next time you’re wondering what to bring to a party or just looking to switch up your snacking routine, give this recipe a try! If you’re on Nutrisystem, you can log each serving as one SmartCarb and one PowerFuel in your NuMi app journal.

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