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Miso Marinated Salmon with Spring Vegetables

As the days grow longer and the buds begin to bloom, there’s no better way to welcome the spring season than with a dish that’s as vibrant and refreshing as the new growth outside. Our Miso Marinated Salmon with Spring Vegetables recipe captures the essence of spring on one singular sheet pan. This dish not only delights the palate with its harmonious blend of flavors but also offers a beautiful, healthful plate that’s sure to impress at any dining table.

The heart of this recipe lies in its miso marinade, which infuses the salmon with a deep, savory umami flavor, complemented by a hint of sweetness. Paired with a medley of lightly sautéed spring vegetables—think tender sugar snap peas, sweet peas and crunchy zucchini—each forkful is a celebration of texture and freshness.

Whether you’re looking to shake up your weekly dinner routine or aiming to wow guests at a springtime gathering, this Miso Marinated Salmon with Spring Vegetables is a perfect choice. Let’s dive into how you can bring this colorful and nutritious dish to your table.

Healthy and Flavorful Miso Marinated Salmon with Spring Vegetables

Indulge in a delectable and healthy meal with our Miso Marinated Salmon with Spring Vegetables recipe. Designed to serve four, this dish is not only satisfying but also light on calories. For those following the Nutrisystem program, this meal counts as two PowerFuels, three Extras and one Vegetable.

Ingredients for Miso Marinated Salmon

The ingredients list for this recipe includes white miso paste, honey and rice vinegar, creating a base that’s rich in flavor. Added to this are ginger and minced garlic, enhancing the dish with a zesty punch. The marinade is rounded off with sesame oil and water for smooth consistency.

The main star, salmon, is accompanied by a colorful array of vegetables: sugar snap peas, sliced zucchini and green peas. A touch of olive oil and black pepper adds depth to the veggies, while sesame seeds provide a nutty finish.

Step-by-Step Cooking Instructions

The cooking process is simple and efficient. Begin by preheating your oven to 375 degrees. Prepare the marinade by whisking together the miso paste, honey, vinegar, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and water in a small bowl. Season the salmon with black pepper and brush it generously with the marinade, letting it absorb the flavors for at least 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, toss the zucchini and snap peas in olive oil, seasoning them with black pepper as well. Any leftover marinade can be drizzled over these vegetables before giving them a final toss.

Arrange the vegetables on a parchment-lined sheet pan and bake them for 10 minutes. Then, place the marinated salmon on the pan and continue to bake for 12-15 minutes, or until the salmon reaches your desired doneness. In the last 2 minutes of baking, add the green peas to ensure they remain vibrant and crisp. Before serving, sprinkle the dish with sesame seeds, adding a subtle crunch and visual appeal.

Enjoying Your Springtime Salmon Dish

This Miso Marinated Salmon with Spring Vegetables is not just a meal; it’s a delightful experience that celebrates the freshness of spring with every bite. Enjoy this vibrant and nutritious dish as a way to welcome the season and treat your taste buds to a burst of flavor.

Customizing Your Miso Marinated Salmon for Variety

This recipe for Miso Marinated Salmon with Spring Vegetables is wonderfully versatile, allowing you to adapt it to your taste or whatever ingredients you have on hand. Here are some ideas for customizing this dish to keep it exciting every time you make it.

Alternative Proteins

If salmon isn’t your favorite or you’re looking for a change, this recipe is equally delicious with other types of fish like cod or halibut. For a non-seafood option, try marinating chicken thighs or tofu in the same miso mixture for a delightful twist.

Swap Out Vegetables

Depending on what’s in season or what’s available in your fridge, you can easily swap the suggested vegetables for others. Broccoli, bell peppers and carrots make great alternatives that roast well alongside the protein. For a spring touch, consider adding artichokes, asparagus or fiddlehead ferns.

Adjust the Flavor Profile

Tailor the marinade to suit different palates by adjusting the sweetness or the intensity of the miso. Adding a bit of chili paste or red pepper flakes can introduce a spicy kick, while a splash of lime juice can give a refreshing citrusy note to the dish.

Herbs and Toppings

Enhance the final presentation and taste with different herbs and toppings. Chopped cilantro or dill could complement the flavors nicely. A sprinkle of toasted almond slices or crushed peanuts can add an appealing crunch and nuttiness to the meal.

Complementary Dishes to Serve with Miso Marinated Salmon

Pairing your Miso Marinated Salmon with the right side dishes can turn a simple meal into a feast. Here are some delicious ideas.


Serve your salmon over a bed of fluffy quinoa, jasmine rice or even couscous. These grains will absorb the delicious juices and make the meal more filling. For a low-carb option, cauliflower rice works beautifully.


A crisp salad can add freshness to balance the umami flavors of the miso marinade. A simple arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette or a cucumber salad with dill and yogurt dressing can be refreshing choices.


Soba or udon noodles complement this dish well. Toss them with a bit of sesame oil, soy sauce and thinly sliced scallions for a simple yet satisfying side.


Begin the meal with a light miso soup or a clear broth with vegetables to stay within the theme of Japanese-inspired flavors. This not only adds variety to the meal but also enhances the overall dining experience with different textures and warmth.

By incorporating some of these customizable elements and complementary dishes, you can keep this Miso Marinated Salmon recipe fresh and exciting each time you serve it, ensuring that your meals are both delicious and interesting. Consult the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide for more information on counting ingredient swaps and add-ins.

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