Published on 22 Feb 2023

Margarita Recipe: Virgin Jalapeno

Refreshingly spicy and deliciously diet-friendly, our recipe for this Virgin Jalapeno Lemon Margarita is the ultimate healthy mocktail. This recipe is alcohol-free and it’s perfect for your National Margarita Day celebrations. Even after the party is over, you’ll want this sweet and spicy drink “jalapeno” cup all season long!

While the classic margarita is filled with sugary simple syrup, we lighten up this classic cocktail by swapping in light lemonade. You could also use a light limeade to add more of the zesty lime flavor you love. We also add a unique twist by throwing in some fresh jalapeno slices to add a spicy kick that perfectly complements the citrus base.

Serve up this margarita mocktail with a plate full of healthy tacos. We have a variety of taco recipes right here on The Leaf Weight Loss blog, such as our Crunchy Turkey Taco Wrap, Shrimp Taco Bites and Chicken Taco Pinwheel Wraps. Enjoy this drink while you’re lounging by the pool and instantly be taken away to a beach vacation in Mexico.

How to Make a Healthy Margarita

To make this delicious drink, all you need is five simple ingredients. These include one cup of light lemonade, four to five jalapeno slices, a half-cup of sparkling lemon water or zero-calorie seltzer water, a half-teaspoon of white sugar and four to five slices of lemon. Kick off this zesty beverage by muddling the jalapeno slices and lemon slices in a large glass. Muddling fresh fruit and vegetables helps to extract their flavors and fill your cup with deliciousness.

Once you are finished muddling, pour the light lemonade into the large glass over your sliced lemons and peppers and mix well. Grab two serving glasses and moisten the rims with a lemon slice. This will help the sugar stick to your rim. Evenly dip each rim into the sugar, carefully rolling the glass so all sides are evenly coated. Fill each glass with ice and pour in the lemonade mixture. Top off your glass with sparkling water before enjoying this margarita with a kick.

The Leaf Pro Tip: Turn your beverage into a frozen margarita by throwing it into the blender! You’ll love sipping on this summer slushie under the blazing hot sun. Feel free to also swap out the sugar on the rim with a little sea salt or sugar-free monk fruit or stevia extract to make this beverage even more diet-friendly. Garnish with fresh lime slices and zest for a beautiful presentation.

If you’d like to add a little alcohol to this Virgin Jalapeno Lemon Margarita, just make sure to stick to the proper serving size. One shot or one and a half ounces of tequila is considered one serving of liquor on the Nutrisystem weight loss program. We recommend avoiding alcohol on your first week of the meal plan. Thereafter you should limit your consumption to a maximum of two servings of alcohol per week. Spread them out and try not to have them on the same day. Click here for everything you need to know about alcohol on Nutrisystem. >

The Health Benefits of Spicy Foods

Are you a spicy food lover? If the kick from the jalapenos in this margarita recipe help fuel your love of spicy foods, then you’re in luck! Spicy foods do more for your body than just making you sweat and burning your taste buds.

According to Penn Medicine, spicy foods have been shown to promote heart and gut health, weight loss and pain relief. This is due to a compound called capsaicin, which is responsible for many of the health benefits your favorite zesty ingredients provide. Check out the link below to learn more about the benefits of spicy foods:

Logging This Recipe

One serving of this Virgin Jalapeno Lemon Margarita contains just 14 calories and counts as one Extra on the Nutrisystem program. While you’re sipping on this sweet and spicy glass of sunshine, make sure to log it into the NuMi app with just a few simple taps. On Nutrisystem, you are allotted three Extras per day so it’s essential to keep track of them for the best weight loss. NuMi makes it simple with an easy-to-use journal that complements your meal plan. Click here to quickly log this recipe in the NuMi app. >

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  • 1 cup lemonade, light
  • 4-5 jalapeno slices
  • ½ cup sparkling lemon water or seltzer
  • ½ tsp. white sugar
  • 4-5 lemon slices


  1. Muddle the jalapeno slices and lemon slices in a large glass.
  2. Pour in the lemonade and mix well.
  3. Take 2 glasses and moisten the rims with a lemon slice. Evenly dip each rim into the sugar.
  4. Fill each glass with ice. Pour in the lemonade mixture. Top with sparkling water before serving.

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