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Kabasura Kudineer: Uses, Benefits and Side Effects


We all have heard enough about ayurveda and household remedies from our grandparents, parents, news, the internet, etc. In addition to this, did you know about another system of medicine called Siddha medicine, believed to be the oldest traditional system of medicine? The practice of Siddha medicine is very popular in the southern region. This system of medicine deals with herbal and herbal-mineral preparations. One such preparation is kabasura kudineer which consists of fifteen herbs which are developed by the Siddha formulary of India. Being a polyherbal combination, there are numerous health benefits of this preparation. In this article, we will learn more about kabasura kudineer, its health benefits, side effects, precautions, etc.1 

Composition of Kabasura Kudineer: 

As already mentioned, kabasura kudineer is a polyherbal formulation consisting of fifteen herbs in equal proportions. These herbs are rich in bioactive compounds like alkaloids which include piperine, piperlonguminine, oils like eugenol, stigmasterol, sitosterol and fatty acids like gallic acid. The composition of this preparation is given in the table below: 

Component  Quantity  
Zingiber officinale  1 part 
Piper Longum   1 part 
Syzygium aromaticum   1 part 
Anacyclus pyrethrum  1 part 
Tragia involucrata  1 part 
Hygrophila auriculata  1 part 
Terminalia chebula  1 part 
Justicia adhatoda  1 part 
Plecthranthus amboinicus  1 part 
Costus speciosus  1 part 
Tinospora sinensis  1 part 
Clerodendrum serratum  1 part 
Andrographis paniculata  1 part 
Cyperus rotundus  1 part 
Cissampelos pareira  1 part 

Table 1: Chemical composition of kabasura kudineer2 

kabasura kudineer

Properties of Kabasura Kudineer: 

Kabasura kudineer shows numerous scientifically proven properties; some of which are mentioned below:1 

  • It may have the potential to reduce blood glucose levels. 
  • It may have the potential to reduce inflammation. 
  • It may have the property to reduce pain. 
  • It may have immune-modulatory properties. 
  • It may have antioxidant properties. 
  • It may have properties to halt the multiplication of viruses, bacteria and fungi.  
  • It may have the potential to reduce fever. 
  • It may exert a protective effect on the liver. 

Potential Uses of Kabasura Kudineer for Overall Health: 

Some of the potential benefits of kabasura kudineer are described below. 

Potential use of kabasura kudineer in Covid-19 

It was only after Covid-19 that Siddha-based medicines gained the limelight due to surprising results shown by kabasura kudineer during the pandemic. The AYUSH Ministry of Government of India in 2020 approved kabasura kudineer for Covid-19 management. This preparation was approved as an immune booster. A study by Svenia et al. in 2021 stated that this polyherbal formulation might also help reduce inflammation in Covid-19 and also can inhibit the growth of viruses. This indicates that this preparation may positively impact Covid-19. However, you should not self-medicate and consult your physician for proper treatment of Covid-19.1 

Potential uses of kabasura kudineer in asthma 

Asthma is a disease affecting the respiratory system, which makes it difficult to breathe and can sometimes trigger cough, wheezing and shortness of breath. A study conducted by Svenia et al. in 2021 stated that kabasura kudineer has an anti-asthmatic effect. This means that this preparation may provide symptomatic relief from asthma. The exact mechanism behind this effect is not clear, and thus, it is advised not to consider this preparation as an alternative to modern medicine. Kindly consult your physician for the proper management of asthma.1 

Potential uses of kabasura kudineer in diabetes 

Literature studies support the use of herbal preparations for managing diabetes. Harini et al. in 2022 conducted a study, and the results of this study show that kabasura kudineer may help in managing diabetes. This effect is attributed to the inhibition of enzymes like alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase; these enzymes are responsible for converting starch into glucose. This helps in reducing blood glucose and thus may positively impact diabetes. Also, it is advised not to consider kabasura kudineer as an alternative to modern medicine; you should always consult your doctor for proper management of diabetes.3 

Potential uses of kabasura kudineer on liver 

Ever wondered what happens to the medicines that we take for treating any health issues? The liver, the largest organ of your body, is responsible for the metabolism of these medicines and helps in converting the drugs into a form which is non-toxic and can be easily removed from the body. A study conducted by Svenia et al. in 2021 stated that kabasura kudineer might have a protective effect on the liver. However, due to limited studies, it is advised not to rely on kabasura kudineer as a remedy and kindly consult your physician for the proper management of any liver disease.1 

Potential uses of kabasura kudineer on bacteria, viruses and fungi 

A study conducted by Svenia et al. in 2021 stated that kabasura kudineer might help in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Thus, this preparation may be an effective antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent and may help in managing infections caused due to bacteria, viruses and fungi. This effect may be hypothesized due to the modulation of the immune system, which may help in fighting infections. However, you should not consider this preparation as an alternative to modern medicine; it is always advised to consult a physician for the proper management of infections.1 

Other potential uses of kabasura kudineer:  

  • Kabasura kudineer may help manage fever.1 
  • It may help in managing pain.1 
  • It may help reduce inflammation and maybe manage inflammatory diseases.1 
  • It may help in managing diarrhoea.1 
  • Traditionally, this preparation was used for managing swine flu. This indicates that it has the potential to manage swine flu.4 

Though there are studies that show the benefits of Kabasura kudineer in various conditions, these are insufficient and there is a need for further studies to establish the true extent of the benefits of Kabasura kudineer on human health.  

How to Use Kabasura Kudineer?  

  • Kabasura kudineer is a polyherbal preparation available in the market as a powder or churna. It is boiled in water, concentrated, reduced and consumed with honey or as advised by your doctor.3 
  • Kabasura kudineer tablets are also available in the market.3 

You must consult a qualified doctor before consuming any herbal supplements. You should not discontinue or replace your ongoing treatment of modern medicine with an ayurvedic/herbal preparation without consulting your doctor.  

Side Effects of Kabasura Kudineer: 

Parthasarathy et al. conducted a study in 2021 that found that kabasura kudineer if consumed in excess amounts can result in damage to the kidney.5 

Gnanashanmugam et al. conducted a study in 2018 that stated that Siddha medicines, if consumed in excess have a potential for mercury toxicity and may result in neuromyotonia, a rare nerve disease characterized by spontaneous muscle movements. Thus, it may happen kabasura kudineer which belongs to Siddha medicines may exert similar side effects.6 

Although, the side effect profile of kabasura kudineer is not studied in depth, if you experience any adverse reactions to kabasura kudineer, it is advised to discontinue its intake and immediately contact a doctor or your Ayurvedic physician who has prescribed it, as they will guide you properly for your symptoms. 

Precautions to take with Kabasura Kudineer: 

Consuming kabasura kudineer is okay if taken in moderate amounts. However, the following considerations must be taken: 

  • The safety of consumption of kabasura kudineer by special groups like pregnant and lactating women, children and the elderly are not studied in detail. Therefore, it is advised to consult a physician if you belong to these special groups and plan to take kabasura kudineer. 
  • Ayurvedic preparations may be contaminated with heavy metals, it is always better to buy preparations tested for their quality; check for ISO and GMP labels before you buy any ayurvedic preparation. 
  • There is always a probability of adulteration in loose powders, and therefore it is best to buy kabasura kudineer from a quality brand. 
  • As herbal allergies are common in allergy-prone individuals, proper precaution needs to be taken if you experience rash or urticaria. 

Interactions with Other Drugs: 

  • As kabasura kudineer helps in reducing blood glucose, taking it along with your blood, glucose-lowering medications may result in an excessive drop in your blood glucose level. 
  • Herbal preparations may interact with your ongoing medications and result in a decreased effect or toxicity. 

Not enough studies are available regarding the interactions of kabasura kudineer; however, you must always seek the advice of your Ayurvedic physician about the possible interaction of kabasura kudineer with other drugs. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1) What is kabasura kudineer? 

Kabasura kudineer is a polyherbal preparation consisting of fifteen herbs developed by the Siddha formulary of India.1 

2) What are the dosage forms of kabasura kudineer available in the market? 

In the market, kabasura kudineer tablets and powder/churna are available for use.1 

3) What are kabasura kudineer side effects? 

There is a potential that kabasura kudineer if consumed in excess amounts can result in kidney injury. Mercury toxicity is also common with siddha medicines and therefore a similar side effect can also occur with kabasura kudineer if taken in excess.5 

4) Does kabasura kudineer benefit diabetes? 

Yes, studies support the use of kabasura kudineer may positively impact diabetes. However, it is advised to not rely on kabasura kudineer and consult your doctor for the proper management of diabetes.  

5) Can you take kabasura kudineer during pregnancy? 

The safety of kabasura kudineer during pregnancy is not well-established; it is therefore advised to avoid its use and consult your doctor for the same. 

Disclaimer: The information or data included on this site is only for educational purposes and should not be considered as a substitute for medical treatment by any healthcare professional. The reader, based on their individual needs, should consult their doctor to determine the appropriateness of the information provided on this site as per their situation.  


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