Published on 19 Nov 2023

Instant Pot Holiday Turkey Breast

When you think of holiday turkey, hours of preparation, cooking and clean-up might come to mind. We’re changing up the turkey game with the quick-cooking Instant Pot.

In less than an hour, you and your guests can be enjoying a hearty, homemade, holiday dinner. This turkey breast is the perfect base for any of your family’s favorite side dishes.

The secret ingredient in this recipe is what it’s cooked in: the amazing Instant Pot. This unique appliance locks in moisture and flavor, creating healthy and delicious meals in a snap. Easily make healthier takes on your favorite meals and speed up the cooking process with this handy, kitchen sidekick. It’s time to break holiday cooking traditions with the Instant Pot.

Haven’t heard of the Instant Pot yet? Click the link below for everything you need to know:

Everything You Need to Know About Instant Pots

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One serving of this Instant Pot Holiday Turkey Breast contains just 116 calories and counts as one PowerFuel and one Extra on the Nutrisystem weight loss plan. Feel free to pair with a SmartCarb like a half cup of sweet potatoes or brown rice.

You can keep track of your holiday turkey and sides by logging them in the NuMi app! Keeping a journal of your food intake can help you stay accountable throughout the holiday season.

Serve up your turkey with these Nutrisystem-approved side dishes:

Even with a handy Instant Pot, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to cook during the busy holiday season. With Nutrisystem’s Roasted Turkey Medallions, you can be enjoying a hearty, holiday meal that’s ready in just a few minutes.

Looking for more quick and easy meals? Get started with a Nutrisystem weight loss plan today!

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