Published on 03 Aug 2023

Ice Cream Sandwich Almond Milkshake

Soft serve, ice scream sandwiches, shakes—we love them all! So, instead of enjoying each of them on their own, we decided to combine them all into one yummy summer treat—an Ice Cream Sandwich Milkshake.

Our ice cream sandwiches have been a long-time fan favorite, and we’re excited to include them in this frozen treat. Even better, you only need two more ingredients! Along with a Nutrisystem Ice Cream Sandwich, you’ll just need a frozen banana and unsweetened almond milk.

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Simply take all your ingredients and toss them in a blender or food processor and blend them until they’re well incorporated. Once it’s reached your desired level of creaminess, you’re done! So, in about five minutes or less, you have a super yummy, super diet-friendly dessert to keep you satisfied all summer long. While we recommend it as a summer treat, the Ice Cream Sandwich Shake will be just as yummy and in the dead of winter so feel free to enjoy all throughout the year.

Once you’ve finished off your ice cream sandwich shake and are wishing you had another, stop! Before you give into the treacherous temptation of making a second milkshake, quickly log the shake in NuMi right on your phone. NuMi will help you balance out the risk and reward of a second milkshake. Our tracking app makes eating healthy easier than ever, and you’ll never go without NuMi again.

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