Published on 21 Dec 2023

Holiday Recipes: Healthy & Festive

Thought you couldn’t enjoy the holidays and keep losing weight? Think again! These easy-to-assemble, festive treats aren’t just adorable, they’re also healthy and Nutrisystem-approved, too! Prep a big batch of them and bring them to holiday gatherings, or have all the ingredients on hand and spend some time with the kiddies or grandkiddies creating the recipes together. Either way, we know you and your fellow party-goers will absolutely adore these perfectly themed holiday eats.

So, without further ado, here are nine festive holiday recipes to serve this year:

Santa's Cheese Belt

With all the holiday hustling and bustling, who has time to spend hours in the kitchen preparing festive food? If you’re looking for a last minute treat to bring to your holiday gatherings, we’ve got you covered with these adorable Santa Cheese Belts, which couldn’t be any easier to make… or to eat! Requiring just three “ingredients” and taking mere seconds to prepare, these thematic treats are the perfect pick for those looking to minimize kitchen time. Whip up a platter of these Santa Cheese Belts just minutes before your holiday gathering, and your guests are sure to deem you the holiday hostess with the mostess!

christmas tree veggie tray

Give your classic veggie tray a festive twist with this ridiculously cute Christmas Tree Veggie Tray recipe. Simply assemble your favorite veggies in a Christmas tree shape, and voila! You’ve transformed a traditional dish into something fabulously festive. Fellow party-goers will applaud this adorable contribution, and you’ll feel relieved knowing that at least one of your holiday recipes is a healthy option.

Cheese Dreidels

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, we made you out of… cheese? That’s right, these adorable little dreidels are made of just two ingredients: Cheese and pretzel sticks. Which means they take a few quick seconds to prepare. Assembling them is so simple, it’s a great activity to do with little ones. Just make sure you have them make a bunch… These little snacks are such a delicious addition to your Hanukkah menu, we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to nibble on them for all eight nights!

Fruit Kebab

We love these Snowmen Fruit Kebabs so much, we make them all winter. The good news is they’re totally guilt-free so you can, too! Featuring fresh bananas and a few simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, these tasty little treats are as diet-friendly as they are adorable! Suggestion: Have little ones joining your festivities? Wait to prepare these until your elves have arrived. It’s a fun activity the whole family will enjoy!

Strawberry Santa hats

Add a touch of sweetness to your festivities with these strawberry Santa hats, which feature delicious and vibrant strawberries plus a touch of white chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and shaved coconut. This recipe might be a tribute to the big man himself, but snack on these during your festivities, and you’ll stay slim and trim. Use them as toppers for pancakes, cookies and cupcakes to make your holiday recipes extra special.

Your belly might not shake like a bowl full of Jell-O, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy the jiggly stuff! These colorful takes on a classic dessert will add a little fun to your holiday spread without sabotaging your slim down. Just be sure to double up on this recipe if you’ve got lots of guests coming. These tasty little treats are sure to disappear from your table at reindeer speed!

Sorry, Santa, but we won’t be leaving these cookies out for you. They’re way too tasty and way too diet-friendly to waste on you! That’s right: At a mere 45 calories per cookie, these delicious desserts are nothing short of a holiday menu miracle! Word to the wise: Double up the recipe. Once your guests find out these decadent cookies aren’t hundreds of calories, they’ll be grabbing them by the handful!

Your heart might grow three sizes the day you make these adorable little snacks but don’t worry, your waistline won’t. That’s because these tasty treats feature just three simple, good-for-you ingredients: Green grapes, fresh strawberries and bananas. They’re the perfect addition to your holiday recipes because they’re festive but they’re not packed with calories, fat and sugar like many traditional holiday sweet treats. Get the kiddies or grandkids in on the assembly action, and you can prepare several batches in mere minutes.

Menorah Pudding Cups

If your Hannukah isn’t complete without something sweet, these Menorah Pudding Cups are the treat for you. Featuring creamy vanilla pudding topped with blueberries and a clementine slice representing a flame, each little cup is packed with so much flavor, you’ll have a hard time waiting till your guests have appreciated your festive display before diving right in, spoon-first. The good news is, this is one delicious dessert you won’t have to regret. So go ahead… dive on in!

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