Published on 14 Apr 2023

Healthy Peach Cobbler Recipe

Sweet and juicy peaches are the main ingredient in this easy peach cobbler recipe. Wrapped in a crispy, homemade crust, sliced peaches are baked to perfection. You’ll feel like you’re cheating on your healthy diet, but we promise, this snack is totally guilt-free and Nutrisystem-approved.

How to Make Peach Cobbler (The Healthy Way!)

A sweet, fruit filling is created from fresh peaches, nutmeg and brown sugar. A crispy cobbler crust is made by combining a few tasty and simple ingredients.

In a large bowl, add flour, baking powder, cinnamon and brown sugar. In a smaller bowl, mix eggs, butter, vanilla and milk. Add this to the larger bowl and stir thoroughly until you get a batter-like consistency. In a baking dish, add the peaches and batter and bake for approximately 35 minutes (or until golden brown!).

Pro Tip: Let your cobbler sit for a short while before serving. This will help prevent the cobbler from falling apart as you scoop it out of the serving dish!

This crispy, warm healthy peach cobbler makes six servings, so whip this delicious dessert up for your next get-together or enjoy it throughout the week. You can simply store your leftovers in the fridge to enjoy later. One serving clocks in at just 135 calories, so it’s a perfect diet go-to when you’re craving something sweet. This sweet snack counts as just one SmartCarb and two Extras on your Nutrisystem meal plan—so be sure to log each serving of the Peach Cobbler in your NuMi app to stay on track

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