Published on 28 Oct 2023

Halloween Treats: 13 Healthy Recipes

Want to enjoy the festivities without falling off track this Halloween weekend? We’ve got you covered with these adorable Halloween themed treats.

They’re cute, delicious and completely guilt-free. So you won’t scare of the progress you’ve made on your weight loss plan. Bonus: If you’ve got kiddies or grandkiddies, they will love making these fun festive treats with you!

french onion dip

This Spider French Onion Dip is the perfect dish to bring to your next gathering, whether it’s a healthy Halloween celebration or a child’s birthday party!

banana ghosts

Get your healthy Halloween off to a ghoulishly good start with these adorable and festive banana ghosts.

These Apple Peanut Butter Monster Mouths are simple to assemble and even easier to devour!


This Frankenstein kiwi treat is the perfect healthy addition to your Halloween festivities.

orange pumpkins

These orange pumpkins are perfect for your next healthy Halloween celebration.

carrot fingers

These Carrot Fingers with Hummus are a perfect healthy Halloween recipe.

cheese broomsticks

These Bewitched Cheese Broomsticks are a perfect Halloween recipe. They’re on theme and on plan!


This Candy Corn Parfait is the perfect healthy treat for your Halloween celebrations.

These Popcorn Hands are a creepy (and delicious!) way to celebrate Halloween slim-down style.

These Spider Deviled Eggs are creepy to look at but delicious to eat!

turkey mummies

These Turkey and Hummus Mummies are so easy to make, you can get the kiddies in on the action! They’re a simple and tasty treat anyone can create.

fruit cup

These Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cups are the perfect addition to your healthy Halloween celebration. Just scoop out the orange, draw on faces (or carve them if you’re feeling adventurous!), then fill them with green grapes… or any of your favorite fruits!

stuffed pepper

Who says Halloween is only about sweet treats? Follow any of your favorite stuffed pepper recipes for this tasty dish (we like this one!). Just scoop out the insides of your pepper, carve a fun face, and stuff it with anything you choose!

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