Published on 02 Nov 2023

Fall Pasta Salad Recipe

Autumn harvest brings us this healthy Fall Pasta Salad filled with sweet potatoes, cranberries, roasted turkey and broccoli.

Celebrate the arrival of fall with a delicious side dish. This pasta salad includes a variety of ingredients that are at their peak during fall harvest. Serve this recipe at your tailgates, football parties and even Thanksgiving dinner. Select the pasta shape that you enjoy most. If you’re feeling fancy, orzo pasta is a unique shape that will impress your guests.

To make your autumn-themed pasta salad, heat a skillet with olive oil to medium-high heat and add cubed sweet potatoes. Cook them until they are soft, then remove from the heat and let them cool. Chop up roasted turkey breast cutlets and reduced fat cheese sticks into bite-sized pieces and place them in a large bowl. Add your cooked sweet potato cubes, cooked whole wheat pasta, dried cranberries, chopped onion and broccoli to the bowl.

In a separate small bowl, create a dressing with light mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard and onion powder. Add the dressing to the large bowl and toss all the ingredients until they are well combined. Refrigerate your pasta salad for at least an hour before serving.

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