Published on 11 Nov 2023

Easy Apple Pie Bars Recipe

Two classic baked goods unite in this fall-inspired dessert. Indulge in the fresh flavors of baked apple pie infused into a blondie bar that’s dairy free, gluten free and guilt free! Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat to serve up at a fall dinner party or a healthy autumn-inspired snack, this Easy Apple Pie Bars recipe is your go-to.

While we all love a gourmet baked good, complicated recipes with tons of ingredients aren’t practical for most. That’s why we love developing simple dessert recipes that come together quickly with ease, while still providing that sophisticated and delicious taste that you’re craving. These Easy Apple Pie Bars combine the best of both worlds; They taste like a fancy fall treat from the local bakery but are actually super easy to make at home!

How to Make Easy Apple Pie-Inspired Bars

Get started by combining the wet ingredients in a bowl: These include unsweetened apple sauce, unsweetened almond milk and just two tablespoons of sugar. In a separate bowl, mix together oat flour, almond flour, cinnamon, nutmeg and baking powder.

Gentry stir the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients, then fold in sliced apples. Pour the batter into a baking pan that is lined with parchment paper (you can also use a brownie pan if you have one!). Bake your Easy Apple Pie Bars in a 350 degree oven for 55 minutes. Let them cool completely before slicing and serving. 

Healthy Tips for This Apple Treat

This easy apple recipe makes eight servings. Each serving comes in at 153 calories. Losing weight with Nutrisystem? You can log it in your NuMi app journal as half of a PowerFuel, half of a SmartCarb and one Extra. Feel free to enjoy two servings if you’d like to count it as one full PowerFuel, one full SmartCarb and two Extras.

Have some Extras to spare for the day? You can easily turn this treat into Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars by drizzling them with a sugar-free caramel sauce or syrup after they’re baking. A dollop of low-fat whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon will also take them to the next level.

Another way to transform this treat is swapping out the apples with another fall fruit. Fresh pears would be the perfect replacement and pair well with the flavors of applesauce and cinnamon.

Other Healthy and Easy Fall Baked Good Recipes

It’s officially baking season! Celebrate with these other fall baked goods:

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