Published on 08 Sep 2023

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue Recipe

Indulge in a delectable fusion of flavors with a Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue recipe that’s bound to satisfy your sweet tooth. This heavenly dessert combines the richness of chocolate and the creamy, nutty essence of peanut butter, creating an irresistible blend that is perfect for dipping your favorite fruits, marshmallows or even cookies.

This treat is not just about taste; it’s about creating fun, memorable moments around the table with loved ones. Whether you’re planning a romantic date night, a festive holiday gathering or simply looking for a way to make an ordinary day extraordinary, this Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue is your ticket to a delightful culinary adventure. Let’s dive into the world of fondue and explore how you can recreate this delicious dish at home.

A Healthy Twist on a Classic Dessert

The star of this recipe is the harmonious blend of dark chocolate and peanut butter. Dark chocolate, a powerhouse of antioxidants, meets creamy peanut butter, rich in protein and heart-healthy fats, creating an irresistible duo that not only tastes divine but also boosts your health. To top it off, we’re using oat milk, a dairy-free alternative brimming with fiber and essential nutrients.

This fondue isn’t just a dessert; it’s a celebration of flavor, simplicity and good health. With just three wholesome ingredients, you can whip up a dessert that’s as easy as it is delicious. And the best part? You don’t have to compromise your health goals to indulge in this sweet delight.

This recipe makes 20 servings, so it’s perfect for sharing. If you’re on a Nutrisystem weight loss plan, you can log each serving as one PowerFuel and on Extra in your NuMi app journal.

Ready to redefine the way you experience dessert? Keep reading to discover how you can create this heavenly, guilt-free Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue in your own kitchen. Plus, get ideas for what you can dip into it. Your taste buds are in for a treat, and your body will thank you. Let’s dive in!

Delectable Dippers for Your Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue

While the velvety smoothness of our Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue is a delight all its own, the fun really begins when you start dipping. Here are some mouthwatering ideas that will make your fondue experience even more memorable:

  • Fruits – Bananas, strawberries and apples are classic choices, offering a fresh contrast to the rich fondue. But don’t stop there! Try other fruits like kiwi, pineapple or mango for a tropical twist.
  • Marshmallows – These fluffy treats are a fondue staple. The creamy chocolate peanut butter coating on a soft marshmallow is simply divine.
  • Pretzels – Looking for a sweet and salty combo? Pretzels are your answer. Their crunch and saltiness make a delightful contrast to the sweet and creamy fondue.
  • Cookies – Go ahead, dip your favorite cookies into this luscious fondue. Shortbread or graham crackers would make excellent dippers. You could even use your Nutrisystem cookies!
  • Nuts and Dried Fruits – For a healthy twist, try dipping almonds, pecans, or dried apricots and figs. They add a nice crunch or chewiness, and their subtle flavors complement the fondue perfectly.
  • Bread – Cubes of bread add a comforting element to the fondue party. Opt for brioche or challah if you prefer a sweet touch, or sourdough if you like a bit of tang.
  • Brownie Bites – If you’re a chocolate lover, dipping brownie bites into this fondue will be pure bliss. The double dose of chocolate is simply irresistible.

When it comes to fondue, there are no rules. These are just suggestions, so feel free to get creative and experiment with your favorite foods. After all, the joy of fondue lies in its versatility and the shared experience of indulging in a pot of melted goodness. Make sure to refer to the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide for more information on counting grocery add-ins on your plan. Enjoy!

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