Published on 15 Jun 2023

American Flag Fruit Tray

Did someone say chocolate covered fruit? This patriotic platter might look like an ordinary fruit tray. However, there are few small details that make this simple recipe special. From white chocolate dipped bananas to the five different types of fruit, our American Flag Fruit Tray is the perfect addition to your summer party.

How to Make an American Flag Fruit Try

You only need seven ingredients to put together this beautiful American Flag Fruit Tray. Five of these ingredients are fruit, while two of them add some extra sweetness to make this platter a little more special.

For the fruit, you will need one cup of blueberries, one cup of raspberries, one cup of watermelon, one pint of strawberries and two whole bananas. Cube up the watermelon, slice the bananas and slice the strawberries in half for easy eating.

The other two unique ingredients include 15 marshmallows and a quarter of a cup of white chocolate chips. Melt the chocolate chips and dip half of each banana slice into the white chocolate. Let the chocolate harden before serving.

Lay out the red fruit, marshmallows and chocolate covered bananas on a tray to represent the flag stripes. Place the blueberries at the top left of the tray.

Healthy Hacks

One serving of this American Flag Fruit tray contains 110 calories and counts as one SmartCarb and two Extras. Log this recipe into the NuMi app so that you can keep track of your food intake during the busy summer season. NuMi is our FREE online tracking app that provides an organized food journal for your daily menu. It can help you stay within your daily calories while also keeping track of physical activity and water.  Click here to log this recipe into the NuMi app. >

Serve your American Flag Fruit Tray with a creamy yogurt dipping sauce! Whisk together plain, non-fat Greek yogurt with a little reduced fat cream cheese, stevia and vanilla extract. Just make sure to count this addition towards your daily Extras. Sprinkle any extra stevia over your tray to add a little extra sweetness to the fruity goodness.

Want to add some PowerFuels? Add some cheese and nuts to create more white stripes! White cheddar or Swiss cheese tend to pair well with fruit, while cashews, pine nuts and shelled pistachios fit the color palate perfectly.

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What’s your favorite way to enjoy fruit? Have you come up with your own party tray that is healthy and delicious? Make sure to share all of your ideas on our Recipe submission page! We put together this section so that our amazing community can share their unique ideas with each other. Click here to share your recipes! >

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