Published on 10 May 2024

8 Easy Stuffed Pepper Recipes for Quick Weeknight Dinners

Bell peppers just might be the most versatile vegetable. They’re naturally sweet, juicy and crunchy, so you can enjoy them raw with or without dip and in salads. When sliced and sauteed, bell peppers are essential ingredients in fajitas or stir-fries. The large, open cavities inside bell peppers make them ideal for filling with other healthy ingredients to make satisfying stuffed pepper recipes.

One reason bell peppers work so well in your diet is that they are low in calories and fats, but high in fiber and vitamin C, which plays a key role in fortifying your immune system. They are non-starchy vegetables, so they are unlimited in your Nutrisystem weight loss plan.

Most supermarkets now offer you green bell peppers or slightly more expensive red, orange or yellow peppers. Be aware that green peppers are immature. That is, they’re picked before they fully ripen and change into one of the other colors. For that reason, green peppers often have a lightly bitter flavor and are a little lower in nutrients than the other hues. Most of these recipes work with any color of bell pepper you prefer!

Chicken Fajita Stuffed Peppers

Here’s a Tex-Mex style dish with all the zesty taste you crave, but without the excess fat, salt and calories that usually come with these meals. The filling features seasoned white meat chicken and includes corn, tomatoes, green chilies and black beans. They’re mixed with high-fiber brown rice, so you’ll feel stuffed for hours after you’re finished eating. A sprinkle of Mexican cheese on top adds the creamy finishing touch.

Get the Chicken Fajita Stuffed Peppers recipe.

Bell Pepper Nachos

Nachos are a snack that can turn any day into a fiesta, but they often put a damper on your weight loss progress. In this healthy version, mini bell peppers take the place of tortilla chips that have been fried in oil. You still get those savory toppings, including pico de gallo, black beans and avocado, plus a gooey layer of melted cheese on top. You can make this dish into a hearty lunch just by adding another PowerFuel such as grilled chicken. Aren’t nachos for lunch a cause for celebration?

Get the Bell Pepper Nachos recipe.

Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers with Orzo, goat cheese, veggies and balsamic

Mediterranean food is well-known for its fresh ingredients, vibrant colors and rich flavors. These stuffed peppers capture all of that in one complete meal. The filling includes hearty whole wheat orzo pasta, vitamin-packed spinach and cherry tomatoes, creamy goat cheese, salty olives and crunchy pine nuts. A glaze of balsamic vinegar finishes the dish with a hint of sweetness.

Get the Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers recipe.

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

If you’re a vegetarian, if you’re looking to reduce your meat consumption or if you need an easy, low-cost meal, this recipe is your solution to eating well. The peppers are stuffed with your choice of brown rice or high-protein quinoa that’s tossed with tangy tomato sauce, diced onion and black beans. Mozzarella cheese is the melty topping.

Get the Vegetarian Stuffed Pepper recipe.

Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers

When you need a hearty meal that’s packed with protein, try this simple recipe. It has most of the same tasty and healthy ingredients as the vegetarian version above, but we added a serving of ground turkey to each pepper to satisfy the appetites of those who crave meat. The meal comes together quickly and comes out of the oven warm and fragrant after about 10 minutes.

Get the Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers recipe.

Meatball Stuffed Peppers

The easiest meal of stuffed peppers you’ll ever make is this imaginative idea from the chefs at Nutrisystem. All you do is lightly cook the peppers, fill them with a couple of the ready-to-heat Meatballs in Marinara Sauce from Nutrisystem, and top it all off with a slice of mozzarella cheese. You get the sweet taste of pepper, the tangy flavor of tomato sauce, creamy cheese, and a savory bite of meatball in every forkful.

Get the Meatball Stuffed Peppers recipe.

Halloween Pesto Pasta Stuffed Peppers

The spooky faces on these orange peppers make them a fun family dinner around Halloween, but the healthy ingredients are a smart choice anytime. The stuffing is made with spiralized zucchini pasta, which can be easily made at home with a spiralizer or found in the produce or frozen section of many supermarkets today. Pesto sauce adds a kick of flavor to the veggie noodles. With just those three ingredients, this meal is all treat and no tricks needed.

Get the Halloween Pesto Pasta Stuffed Peppers recipe.

Air Fryer Mini Stuffed Peppers Nachos

An air fryer heats and crisps these nacho-style stuffed peppers quickly and melts the cheese on top to gooey satisfaction. The filling is made with seasoned lean ground beef, black beans and zingy pico de gallo sauce. The blend is spooned into colorful mini bell peppers and covered in reduced fat shredded Mexican cheese. This dish is so tasty and colorful, it is sure to be a hit at a party. Or you can just whip up a batch to share with the family on game day or movie night.

Get the Air Fryer Stuffed Pepper Nachos recipe.

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