Published on 16 Jun 2023

6 Easy Tips to Move More Today

People often make staying active more complicated than it has to be. While you might not always feel like you have time to spend at the gym or making a plan for structured exercise (like going for a run), there are so many other ways to fit more movement into your day.

Even something as simple as taking breaks from sitting (and just standing up) can make a big difference in your health. As you might have heard it said, “sitting is the new smoking”—meaning that those who sit more have a greater risk of disease.

If you’re on a Nutrisystem weight loss plan, we recommend fitting in at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. And when you simplify your approach to staying active, you’ll find how much easier it is to fit this movement into your day. Here are some easy ways to get up and get moving!

1. Park Further Away

Woman with groceries walks to her car in a supermarket parking lot

Something as simple as parking further away from where you need to be can get you moving a lot more. Sure, there might be a spot right next to the door to the grocery store—but park in the back and you’ll get a whole bunch of extra steps in. Plus, you’ll avoid those car door dings from shopping carts!

2. Take the Stairs

Businessman Walking up stairs

Whether you work in an office building, live in a city, or are staying in a hotel, anytime that you avoid using an elevator and take the stairs is an opportunity to get your heartrate up and squeeze in a little cardio. Climbing stairs is a simple everyday physical activity that absolutely has health benefits. Even if you’re just at home, you can throw in a few extra times going up and down the stairs for an easy cardio routine. Stair climbing can strengthen and tone leg muscles, too.

3. Walk and Talk

businessman making a phone call while out in the city

If you’re on the phone for work or social reasons, why not get up out of your seat and walk while you talk? Unless you need to be physically in front of a computer, walking and talking can be a great way to add movement to your day. Some people even say that moving during a phone conversation helps them to concentrate more as it helps them to avoid getting distracted by a screen. If you are someone that has long conference calls and can pop in the earbuds, you can potentially take those meetings on-the-go! If you can’t leave your desk, perhaps consider standing during phone calls. Standing is definitely a “win” over sitting, which is why so many people are opting for standing desks these days.

4. Take the Dog for a Walk

Woman Walks Her Dog In Home Neighborhood

If you have a furry family member that needs to get outside and use the bathroom several times a day, why not turn that into a quick walk? Even just a walk around the block is a lot better than standing in your yard or letting the dog out unattended. It will do you both good to get moving!

5. Do Some Chores

woman with Vacuum Cleaner

Have you ever seen one of those videos where people are dancing to music while doing their chores? Besides making a monotonous routine a lot more fun, those folks are also getting their blood pumping and burning some calories. You can even incorporate some fitness moves into the chores you were already going to do anyways. Do some quick lunges while you mop or vacuum—or do some little jumps while you scrub the mirrors and windows around your house. While you might not feel like you have time to fit in much exercise in your day, there are easy ways to squeeze in little workouts that end up paying off.

6. Walk (or Bike) Instead of Driving

Woman Riding Bicycle In A City

If you have a close-by errand to run, why not walk or bike? Obviously if you’re picking up a bunch of groceries, that’s not feasible. But if you’re just running down the road to pick up a prescription or maybe return a library book, this can be an opportunity to move more. With the higher gas prices these days, you’ll also feel good about saving money!

Your Efforts Will Pay Off

While these may seem like overly simple things, when you do them repetitively and find more ways to get up and get moving throughout the day, you’ll see those efforts pay off. Too often, people don’t move enough because they think it has to be a big planned-out activity. But when you start looking at everyday opportunities to move more, you realize how easy it can all be.

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