Published on 29 May 2023

23 Dishes to Bring to the BBQ

With nicer weather comes BBQs, picnics and parties galore. As we always say, you don’t need to sacrifice taste or tradition just because you are on a healthy regimen. On the contrary, we have numerous delicious recipes perfect for the whole gang to enjoy. So dig in—the healthy way—with these delicious and healthy recipes that have you covered from the first sip to the last bite!


1. Skinny White Sangria Mocktail >

sangria recipe
This sophisticated sipper has all the sparkle and flavor of sangria without the alcohol. Ahhh, now that’s refreshing! Get the recipe here.

2. Raspberry Lemonade Slushie >

raspberry lemonade slushie
With just five ingredients and counting as only one SmartCarb, this tutti frutti slushie brings all the taste without the guilt. Get the recipe here.


3. Not So Devilish Deviled Eggs >

not so devilish eggs
A classic BBQ staple has been reimagined in this delicious recipe that’s both tasty and healthy. Get the recipe here.

4. Cauliflower Buffalo Bites >

cauliflower buffalo bites
Ditch the high calorie buffalo chicken dip for this addictive yet healthy snack. One bite and you’ll be hooked! Get the recipe here.

5. Caprese Kebabs >

caprese kabobs
These kebabs skewer the competition by offering the classic combo in healthy portions. Bonus—they only take minutes to prepare! Get the recipe here.

6. 5-Star Cucumber Dill Dip >

cucumber dill dip
Have some veggie sticks on hand for guests to dip. Be warned, this dish has a tendency to disappear right before your eyes! Get the recipe here.

7. Party-Perfect Pico de Gallo >

pico de gallo
There’s nothing better than a mixture of fresh, flavorful ingredients. So grab a whole-wheat chip and snack away! Get the recipe here.

8. Mouthwatering Mango Salsa >

mango salsa
Still one of our all-time favorites, this dip is bursting with flavor every BBQ-goer will love. Get the recipe here.

9. Skinny Spinach Dip >

skinny spinach dip
This Skinny Spinach Dip goes light on the diet destruction… definitely not the flavor! Get the recipe here.

10. Zesty Cucumber and Dill Salad >

cucumber dill salad
This delicious Cucumber and Dill Salad is light, refreshing and flavorful. It’s not as creamy as the dill dip described above, but it’s definitely just as tasty! Get the recipe here.

11. Baba Ghanoush >

Baba Ganoush
It might sound a little too fancy for a BBQ but trust us: Put this out on the table and it will be devoured in mere minutes! Get the recipe here.

12. Spicy Peanut Slaw >

This Spicy Peanut Slaw is like a party in your mouth! Word to the wise: Double up this delicious recipe because it won’t last long. Get the recipe here.

13. Pineapple Chicken Kebabs >

pineapple chicken kebabs
Nothing says summer like skewers on the grill, and these kebabs definitely don’t disappoint. Get the recipe here.

Dig In:

14. Creamy Pasta Salad >

Pasta Salad
This pasta salad is creamy and flavorful… everything we love in a pasta dish! Get the recipe here.

15. Healthier Potato Salad >

healthier potato salad
Fear not! This former calorie-buster has received a nutritional make-over while keeping all the taste and nostalgia of summers past. So read up and make the swaps for the perfect side dish to any BBQ meal. Get the recipe here.

16. Watermelon Summer Salad with Quinoa >

watermelon feta salad
Take advantage of in-season watermelon while it lasts. This summer salad is perfect on its own as a flex meal or pared down and paired with other BBQ treats. Get the recipe here.

17. Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad >

southwest grilled chicken salad
This colorful dish is bursting with Tex-Mex tastes sure to impress the foodies of the group. Get the recipe here.

18. Hawaiian Jerk Burger >

hawaiian jerk burger
Featuring sweet and tangy toppings, this turkey burger is anything but boring. Get the recipe here.

19. Strawberry Feta Spinach Salad >

strawberry spinach salad
This salad screams summer with its flavorful blend of fresh spinach and ripe strawberries. Get the recipe here.

20. Sweet Potato and Corn Veggie Burger >

Sweet potato & corn veggie burgers
Calling all veggie-lovers! This mash-up of flavors takes the veggie burger to the next level with a tasty twist on a classic. Get the recipe here.

21. Balsamic Beet Salad >

balsamic beet salad
This flavorful Balsamic Beet Salad is easy to make and totally tasty! Get the recipe here.

Sweeten Up:

22. Fruit on a Stick with Yogurt Dip >

fruit kebabs
Ditch the cupcakes and brownies and pick up these fruit kebabs for a light and refreshing dessert. Get the recipe here.

23. Strawberry Pineapple Popsicles >

strawberry pineapple popsicles
Think pops are just for kids? Think again! These treats will help the kid in us all to cool-off! Get the recipe here.

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