Published on 27 Dec 2023

20 Air Fryer Appetizers for the Holidays

When it comes to staying healthy during the holidays, party food can pose a major challenge. It might seem as though no matter where you turn, there are enticing treats everywhere. But now you have a secret weapon to overcome these holiday temptations: the air fryer!

This kitchen countertop appliance helps to give foods a crunchy exterior without submerging them in oils packed with fat and calories. That means you can still feel like you’re indulging in all of your favorite fried foods and won’t miss out on any holiday fun.

We’ve rounded up a list of 20 air fryer appetizers that you can whip up for your New Year’s party. They’re all Nutrisystem-approved and absolutely delicious! Click on the recipe name, image or link below each description to get the full recipe.

Air Fryer Tortilla Chips

No more bagged chips for your holiday party! Tortilla chips are the most satisfying when they are hot and fresh—and with your air fryer you can whip up a batch easily. These chips are so simple to make. All it takes is corn tortillas, some olive oil and your favorite seasoning. Pop them in the air fryer until crisp! Get our Air Fryer Tortilla Chip recipe here! >

Air Fryer Protein Pasta Chips

Straight from the world of TikTok trends, these Air Fryer Pasta Chips were inspired by the viral TikTok pasta chip video posted by @bostonfoodgram. It literally turns a high-protein pasta into a crispy snack that you can serve with your favorite dipping sauce. Seasoned to perfection, it’s a high-protein and healthier swap for chips or fries. Try our Air Fryer Protein Pasta Chips recipe here! >

Air Fryer Mini Baked Potatoes

These mini loaded potato bites are both delicious and adorable. They’re made using baby potatoes and include all the fixing that you love, including shredded cheese, sour cream and chives. It’s a delectable treat! Get our Air Fryer Mini Baked Potatoes recipe here! >

Air Fryer Crème Fraiche and Fruit Sweet Potato Crostini

The Crostini is such a fun party app—but this version makes it healthier by swapping the traditional mini toasts for a crispy sweet potato! It is topped with crème fraiche, dried cranberries, almonds and dried figs. This fancy finger food looks delightfully colorful on your holiday appetizer table. Try our Air Fryer Crème Fraiche and Fruit Sweet Potato Crostini recipe here! >

Air Fryer Crab and Cream Cheese Wontons

Crab and cream cheese wontons are typically full of calories when they are deep-fried and prepared with full-fat ingredients. Our version uses fat-free cream cheese and the air fryer to “healthify” this delicious appetizer. For as fancy as they look, you’ll be surprised how easy they are to make. Get our Air Fryer Crab and Cream Cheese Wontons recipe here! >

5-Minute Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Apricot Sauce

These air fryer coconut shrimps are both sweet and crunchy. Since shrimp is already a low-calorie form of protein, and they are being air fried instead of deep-fried, it’s truly a guilt-free snack to enjoy. Try our 5-Minute Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Apricot Sauce recipe here! >

Air Fryer Onion Rings

Once you learn how easy it is to make homemade onion rings, it’ll become your go-to party appetizer! These onion rings are made using whole grain panko breadcrumbs and the air fryer, making them a crunchy and crave-worthy appetizer to enjoy even while sticking to a healthy eating plan. Get our Air Fryer Onion Rings recipe here! >

Air Fryer Creamy Salmon Sweet Potato Crostini

Here’s another great Crostini recipe made from sweet potato slices instead of mini toast. It can be whipped up with just six simple ingredients but comes together as an impressive offering. Each air-fried sweet potato slice is topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers—a deliciously classic combination. Try our Air Fryer Creamy Salmon Sweet Potato Crostini recipe here! >

Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

Everyone loves a good batch of fries as an appetizer—but this version won’t derail your healthy eating regimen. Made from spears of sliced sweet potatoes and seasoned to perfection with your favorite spices, these fries can be served with a delicious dip—though they’re tasty enough to enjoy plain. Get our Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries recipe here! >

Air Fried Pickles

Fried pickles are a favorite at a number of restaurants, but they come packed with fat. Fortunately, our lighter version can give you the same satisfying, crunchy salt fix but without all the excess calories. It uses whole wheat flour and an air fryer to seriously lighten things up. Try our Air Fried Pickles recipe here! >

Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are a classic appetizer favorite. However, they also tend to be one of the worst offenders as far as fat and calories go. Our lightened up version uses low fat string cheese sticks and an air fryer to make a healthier version that is still delicious. Get our Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks recipe here! >

Easy Air Fryer Garlic Bread

This recipe is a great way to take a plain, whole-wheat baguette and turn it into delectable garlic bread! Simply cut the baguette in half and spread it with our easy garlic butter mixture. Then sprinkle with parmesan and black pepper. It’s a mouthwatering way to kick off your holiday meal. Try our Easy Air Fryer Garlic Bread recipe here! >

Air Fryer BBQ Potato Skins

Another classic app, our potato skins are diet-friendly by using lean and simple ingredients. They’re filling and delicious but thanks to being air-fried instead of deep-fried, they aren’t packed with excess fat. Get our Air Fryer BBQ Potato Skins recipe here! >

Healthy Air Fryer Spiced Nuts

Spiced nuts are a holiday favorite! But despite the fact that nuts are a source of healthy fats and protein, traditional mixes use syrupy added sugars and oil to detract from the goodness. Fortunately, our version uses simple, healthy ingredients to ensure you get all of the healthy benefits—and the delicious flavor, too. Try our Healthy Air Fryer Spiced Nuts recipe here! >

Air Fryer Caprese Sweet Potato Crostini

This sweet potato Crostini recipe is topped with the fresh ingredients from a Caprese salad: mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and crisp basil leaves. One of our favorite air fryer appetizers, it has the colors of Christmas, making it as festive as it is delicious. Get our Air Fryer Caprese Sweet Potato Crostini recipe here! >

Air Fryer Potato Chips

A bowl of potato chips can be tough to resist. But with this recipe, you don’t have to! The air fryer is excellent at turning an ordinary potato into crispy chips with very little effort on your part. The result has all of the flavor and crunch of ordinary chips, you’re your guests won’t even know it’s a healthier version. Try our Air Fryer Potato Chips recipe here! >

Air Fried Eggplant Parm Poppers

Popper appetizers are as fun as they are tasty. But traditional deep-fried poppers are typically off limits on a diet. Luckily, the air fryer can come to the rescue in this healthier version that uses breaded eggplant for a dippable treat. Get our Air Fried Eggplant Parm Poppers recipe here! >

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

While frozen pizza rolls might be a tempting appetizer, with just a little bit of extra work, you can make your own healthier version using wonton wrappers, pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella! They’ll impress your guests and help to get your healthy eating plans on track. Try our Air Fryer Pizza Rolls recipe here! >

Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan Sliders

Sliders are another appetizer favorite. We’ve made a guilt-free version that uses the air fryer to bake your breaded chicken to golden perfection. While small in size, one slider has big taste but just 186 calories. Get our Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan Sliders recipe here! >

Air Fryer Cauliflower Tater Tots

Tater tots are another poppable treat that are tough to resist. Now you won’t have to! Instead of shredded potatoes, it uses riced cauliflower. After being air-fried they come out crispy and golden—and ready to dunk in your favorite dipping sauce. Try our Air Fryer Cauliflower Tater Tots recipe here! >

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